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Pirelli Bronco Maverick Tire


Pirelli Makes Scorpion ATR Tires for Some Ford Models

Pirelli says its Scorpion ATR has an aggressive tread pattern to evacuate water, mud and stones.


Pirelli‘s Scorpion ATR tire has been designed exclusively for Ford’s Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicle models. After the development of tailor-made tires for the Ford F-150, Pirelli is collaborating again with Ford Motor Company to enhance the performance of its new SUV and its new compact truck, the company said.

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Pirelli says Ford’s targets for this tire were challenging as the company requested Pirelli to develop an all-terrain tire with high off-road capabilities that was able to combine the typical performance, handling and comfort characteristics of an all-season tire, Pirelli said. Pirelli engineers focused on the tread pattern and the compound to meet these requirements.

The Scorpion ATR tire has an aggressive tread pattern design to evacuate water, mud and stones, making it hold up well in tough off-road conditions. Pirelli said it provides comfort with a tread design to reduce tire noise on the road. The tires also have good wet handling, wet braking and improved snow performance, Pirelli said.


The Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires are available in size 225/65R17. 

The ATR is part of Pirelli’s range of Scorpion SUV and light truck tires, offering comfort, excellent traction and better wear resistance on the most diverse surfaces and weather conditions, Pirelli said.

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