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Hunter Engineering to Participate in ADAS Showcase at SEMA

Hunter Engineering will take part in a special ADAS Showcase at SEMA 2022 in Las Vegas from Nov. 1-4. A large space will be set aside in Upper South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center for better informing SEMA members about ADAS, promoting awareness of and education about ADAS recalibration and services, and highlighting

Hunter Engineering Software Update Expands Inspection Capabilities

Hunter Engineering says the newest version of its alignment software, WinAlign 17.1, is now shipping. The new software provides two benefits for Hunter Quick Check Drive and Quick Check Commercial unmanned inspection system customers, says Hunter. First, Hunter says 17.1 bridges the gap between a passenger vehicle and heavy-duty inspection systems by measuring trucks too

Hunter Engineering Announces Summer Finance Promotion

Hunter Engineering has announced a summer finance promotion, effective through Aug. 31. Offered in partnership with GreatAmerica, Hunter says the promotion includes a 0% interest rate for a term of 12 months and a 2.9% rate for 24 months. Hunter says the offers are available across all U.S. market segments with a $10,000 minimum order

Hunter Engineering Offers Consumable Parts Ordering on Website

Hunter Engineering customers can now order genuine Hunter consumable parts on the Hunter company website,, the company says. The company says the new Shop Hunter Marketplace offers more than 150 commonly ordered wear items for U.S. customers. Examples include tire changer polymer mount heads, tire paste and brushes, hooks for aligner targets, brake lathe

Hunter Engineering Introduces Center-Clamp Tire Changers

Hunter Engineering has released its new TC33 series of tire changers. Hunter says the TC33’s floating three-point arm is faster than a swing-arm design, and the ergonomic control handle of the PowerOut bead loosener breaks tough beads without difficulty. The TC33M model has the tank relocated to create a smaller footprint, fitting any truck or

Hunter Engineering Adds New Technology to Wheel Balancers

Hunter Engineering has added SmartSpot technology to some of its wheel balancers. SmartSpot is a moving laser dot that locates the exact location where the technician should place the designated tape weights. Hunter says this new feature will be standard on Hunter’s Road Force Elite and HD Elite wheel balancers. The laser dot pinpointing the

Hunter Engineering Previews Free Customer Portal at SEMA

Now multi-store service operators can access performance data from across their organization for all their Hunter-connected equipment.

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Hunter Engineering Previews Mobile Tire Service at SEMA Show

Bush’s patent-pending design allows customers to change the configuration of onboard equipment to accommodate a wide range of mobile services, including tire changing, tire balancing, brake services, oil changes, ADAS calibration and more, Hunter Engineering said.

Hunter Engineering Announces New Quick Tread Edge Integration

With the new partnership, service advisors can easily click to quote the tire replacement opportunities identified by Hunter’s Quick Tread Edge unmanned inspection system.

Hunter Engineering YouTube Channels Top 20K Subscribers

Now topping 20,000 total subscribers, the main Hunter channel and the Hunter Learning Channel provide informational and instructional videos for both the consumer and professional audience.