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RMA Asks NHTSA For Internet OptionLooking to increase the number of tires being registered, the RMA has asked NHTSA for formal permission to allow tire buyers to register to tires via tiremaker Web sites. Allowing "additional, easier choices" would enhance NHTSA’s ability to notify owners in the event of a safety problem with their tires.

‘Got Air?’ Gets Legs- Web Exclusive

TIA Drafts Legislation to Create Tire Checkoff Program Taking a page from the dairy, beef and home heating oil industries, the tire industry may soon have its own multi-million dollar national consumer education campaign promoting the value of tires and importance of tire maintenance.

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Still a Long Road Ahead for Troubled TiremakerDespite posting the worst losses in the company’s 105-year history, things began to look up for the financially troubled Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. during a hectic early spring.

The Open Road

The Open Road Even With Competition, Specialty Products, the Opportunities Are There Everyone likes their freedom. The freedom to go where they want, to do what they want, to enjoy themselves how they want is inherent in humans. One thing that has always been a symbol of freedom is the motorcycle. Motorcycles can take us

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Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. received a one-month extension from its various banks to comply with loan agreement covenants that, among other things, would have forced the struggling tiremaker to make a $500 million contribution to its underfunded pension program. The extension was granted Mar. 5, two days before a temporary waiver was set to expire, and expires Apr. 4.

Half a World Away

Like his American counterparts, Tire Town Komaoka store manager Yuji Asuke puts in long hours – 12 to 14 Monday through Saturday. But unlike many one-store American dealers, Asuke pulls in $1.3 million in annual sales with just himself and two other full-time employees.

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‘A Transformational year’

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Troubled Goodyear N.A. Unit Gets Rich

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Famed Calif. Dealer May Disappear

TIA Looks Ahead: Merger Complete; Consumer Education, Technician Training Now The Priorities

Merger Complete; Consumer Education, Technician Training Now The Priorities