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One in Four German Motorists Speed: Report

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) A study carried out by Continental AG revealed that 25% of motorists in Germany “frequently” drive faster than the legal speed limit.


However, when it comes to assessing other motorists’ behaviour, 92% believed that other motorists speed "often, very often, or always."

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It will probably come as little surprise that younger drivers are the worst offenders, with almost half of the 18-25 age group exceeding speed limits.

Speeding in built-up areas is relatively rare, with most breaches of the limit-taking place on main roads and country roads. According to traffic safety researcher Dieter Ellinghaus, this is reflected in accident statistics, as almost two thirds of motoring-related deaths occur on country roads and almost one in three people die as a result of a collision with a tree.

"Many car drivers seem unaware of the special risks and hazards involved in driving on country roads," says Ellinghaus.

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