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Nexen Tire Develops Performance Prediction System Using A. I.


Nexen Tire says it has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based tire-performance prediction system. They will use machine-learning technology in the design stage to predict tire-performance parameters more precisely and rapidly, such as fuel efficiency, noise, stopping distance and handling.


The ability to forecast tire performance early in the development process has the benefit of reducing the number of prototypes produced and the development time, according to Nexen. The manufacturer says the newly developed AI-based tire-performance prediction system will allow faster and more accurate tire design and performance improvement during the design stage, adding a valuable tool to the existing FEA-based performance-prediction methods.

Nexen says it has tire data from both current and historical testing that was used to create a forecasting model with accurate predictive capabilities.

Professor Seoung Bum Kim of Korea University and Professor Ki Chun Lee of Hanyang University collaborated on the newly created tire-performance prediction system using AI technology.

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