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New Regional Haul Steer and Drive Tyres from Dunlop

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Dunlop has launched its first new generation 17.5-inch and 19.5-inch regional haul tyres: the Dunlop SP344 steer tyre and SP444 drive tyre.


The new tyres provide optimum wet braking, traction and handling throughout their life. In addition, high mileage, improved fuel consumption and a greater resistance to damage are all benefits, which increase fleet efficiency, says Dunlop.


Featuring new construction, compounds and tread designs, the new tyre range is designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s hauliers and fleet operators.

Due to the latest technology tread compound, the low rolling resistance of the Dunlop SP344 results in optimised fuel consumption without adversely affecting wet performance or wear. This, combined with a more robust carcass, means increased fleet efficiency for the operator and less downtime.

The SP344 features a five-rib tread pattern with closed shoulder ribs. This has been specifically designed to combine efficiency and safety with short-stop wet braking, as well as giving even wear and providing optimum mileage.


The SP444 drive tyres are specifically designed to match the SP344 in providing optimum mileage, traction and wet braking, offering the same damage resistance, optimum mileage and low rolling resistance, resulting in optimized fuel consumption and efficiency.

The SP344 and SP444 are available in the following sizes: 215/75R17.5; 205/75R17.5; 215/75R17.5; 225/75R17.5; and 235/75R17.5.

The tread pattern has five-ribs, with three rows of centre line blocks and two robust shoulder ribs. Unique blade positioning and bladed tie bars give optimum wear pattern performance and provide excellent traction and mileage while maintaining an even wear pattern. The tread’s specific groove shape minimises stone picking and holding, another feature that helps make these tyres suit today’s demanding service conditions in regional and delivery truck operations.


Production has started with 17.5-inch sizes. Other sizes and 19.5-inch tyres will be introduced later in the year.

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