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New Infographic from ‘Retread Tires in the U.S. and Canada’ Report

Based on research in the “Retread Tires in the U.S. and Canada” report, this infographic details some of the important benefits of retreading.


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A new infographic taken from “Retread Tires in the U.S. and Canada,” a report developed in partnership with researchers from Duke University, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University and the University of Michigan has been released.

The report addresses a number of misconceptions about retreads, including:

  • Myth #1: Hardly anyone uses retreads. The report found that up to 90% of large fleets in the U.S. and Canada use retreads.
  • Myth #2: Retreads aren’t reliable. Experts cited in the report concluded that a well-maintained retread tire offers equivalent reliability to a well-maintained new tire.
  • Myth #3: Retreads don’t impact fuel efficiency. Data cited in the report proves that many retreads have a lower rolling resistance, and thus superior fuel efficiency, to new tires.
  • Myth #4: Retreads aren’t an environmentally conscious option. The report offers data to support the environmental benefits of retreading, including how retreads divert 1.4 billion pounds of waste from landfills each year

The full report is available to download here.


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