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New Hampshire Legislature Approves Aftermarket Parts Disclosure Bill


The New Hampshire House and Senate have passed aftermarket parts disclosure legislation, SB 436, that requires an insurer to disclose whether or not an estimate has been prepared based on the use of aftermarket parts. The bill currently awaits final approval from the New Hampshire governor.


Under the new law, an insurer that does not provide the disclosure would be prohibited from requesting or requiring the use of aftermarket parts on certain leased vehicles, vehicles less than five years old or vehicles with less than 50,000 miles.

The Automotive Service Association supports the bill.

“ASA supports requiring insurers and auto collision facilities to provide disclosure of part type, description and warranty information to the consumer for all part types. Consumers will be best served if written consent is required for the use of these parts,” said Robert L. Redding Jr., ASA Washington, D.C. representative. “ASA believes a competitive parts marketplace, of tested and verified quality parts, is in the best interests of the motoring public. ASA opposes parts policies that focus solely on cost efficiency without regard to certification, verifiable quality and safety.”

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