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More Green for Green

Within hours of each other, a carmaker group and a car dealer group announced “green” initiatives.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers wants Americans to “save money at the gas pump, reduce fuel use and cut carbon dioxide emissions” thanks to its new consumer education effort: EcoDriving.

And what is EcoDriving? The same series of smart driving tips we have all seen countless times – don’t tailgate, don’t drive too fast, avoid jackrabbit starts, etc., etc., etc.

Not wanting to be left out, the National Automobile Dealers Association announced that September will be free "Green Check-up Month" nationwide. NADA members are being urged to “offer free Green Checkups” to drivers, focusing on “the things that have the most effect on fuel economy, such as oil and air filters, engine performance, tire pressure and emission controls.”

Not only that, but NADA wants to point out that its members “have invested close to a billion dollars on facility upgrades and new construction over the past few years to reduce energy consumption at their dealerships.” Read that carefully.

NADA says this investment “includes cutting-edge heating and cooling methods, more efficient lighting, as well as wind and solar power. Today, several dealerships are LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program.”

OK, I gotta give them credit. But I also have to ask: Were they truly being green, or trying to save a buck while sales are falling like autumn leaves?

One thing neither group addressed is how they will stop certain automakers from trying to convince us that their giant SUVs are “fuel efficient.”  Compared to what? A 747?

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– Jim Smith

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