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Moms Make the Calls on Purchases


When it comes to vehicles, mothers have significant influence on the family’s purchasing decision, according to a new survey.Mom Makes Buying Decisions_resized

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Seventy-three percent of women with children consider themselves to be the sole decision-maker in the vehicle-shopping process, according to a C+R Research survey commissioned by

“The message for dealers is to treat them like the decision makers they are,” said Jack Simmons,’s managing dealer training manager. “Fifty years ago, our industry looked at the husband as the sole decision maker. That’s absolutely not true today. It’s important for dealers to realize that.”

The purchasing-decision power of moms is stronger if a vehicle under consideration is for them.

Although 62% of mothers reported that most dealerships treat them as valued customers, 75% reported they have had to complain about pushy and aggressive salespeople.

The survey also found that 71% of mothers credit online vehicle shopping for easing the buying process, and 66% of moms trust the information they find online more than information they receive from the auto dealer. Additionally, 59% of moms purchase from the same dealer for each vehicle they need and 72% like to talk face to face when shopping for a vehicle.


The study surveyed more than 1,000 shoppers, including 367 mothers, who plan to purchase a vehicle within the next six months or bought one the past six months.

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