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Mitchell 1 Manager SE Now Features Toyota Recall Information


Toyota recall information is now available through Mitchell 1’s Manager SE with a Toyota Active Recall notification feature.  The auto repair shop management system is the first of its kind to include the notification capability, Mitchell 1 said.

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“It is exciting to work with a company such as Toyota that truly values getting information to their customers in a timely manner,” said Ben Johnson, director of product management for Mitchell 1. “We are pleased they chose Mitchell 1 as the first company to work with due to our expertise with shop management systems. The collaboration extends our vision to be the preferred provider of information and management systems to the automotive aftermarket.”

The Toyota Active Recall feature helps notify drivers and service writers of safety recall actions that have not been performed on their vehicles.

When a customer takes his or her Toyota, Scion or Lexus models to a shop with Mitchell 1’s Manager SE shop management system, the service writer is automatically notified of any unperformed recalls for the vehicle. Using the system, the service writer can then display and print the recall information to help advise the customer on needed recall repairs.

Manager SE helps shops streamline workflow and track activity from estimate to invoice.

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