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Military Profile: Ryan Bennett

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Ryan Bennett was an aviation electronics technician.



Ryan Bennett, U.S. Navy – Petty Officer 3rd Class 1994 – 1998

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Ryan Bennett was an aviation electronics technician. In this role he had to work on radar and communications systems for several different naval planes, troubleshooting issues with the components. It’s a skill he still utilizes today.

“One of the biggest things I learned and use today is the ability to troubleshoot a vehicle down to a certain problem,” he says.

Additionally, the leadership skills Bennett learned while in the Navy has allowed him to successfully run his business, he says.

Bennett currently owns Bennett Point S Tire & Auto in Condon, Ore.

Bennett joined the Navy in 1994. While serving, he was stationed in Oak Harbor, Wash. He also did a six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf aboard the USS Carl Vinson and a six-month deployment to an Air Force base in Italy.


“I really liked most of the ports we visited. I got to see a lot of world that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise,” he says.

Bennett says he still has a big sense of pride for working in the Navy, that it was an honor to have served.

Bennett is relatively new to the tire industry, but not the automotive industry. Prior to joining the tire industry, Bennett worked at H&H Automotive for 10 years. He purchased the auto repair facility five years ago.

Bennett says getting into the tire business was just the next logical step. When the tire dealership across the street became available, Bennett purchased the location and joined the tire industry.


“We had a mechanic shop across the street and the tire shop came up for sale, and I just wanted more,” he says. “I just wanted more business.”

As of Jan. 1, 2017, H&H Automotive became Bennett Point S Tire & Auto.

Operating in a more rural location in Oregon, Bennett really gets to know the members of his community. It is one of his favorite parts of the job.

“I really enjoy servicing people and taking care of them,” he says.

In addition to passenger tires, Bennett’s handles agricultural tires as well as OTR tires. The dealership also continues to perform mechanical work and still owns the location across the street that features a full metal shop.


Bennett says so far he’s really enjoyed the tire side of the business.

“I really like the instant gratification,” he shares. “With mechanic work, you may have a three-day job…. With tires you’ve got a satisfied customer in about 30 minutes sometimes.”

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