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Michelin Gains Fleet Deal

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Michelin has won a significant new ‘pence per kilometre’ (PPK) contract to supply tyres to Pullman Fleet Services (PFS), which manages around 1,100 of the 1,800-strong home delivery fleet in the UK.


The contract, previously held by Goodyear, sees Michelin Agilis tyres fitted as standard to all new vehicles joining the fleet, with tyres on existing vehicles being replaced as necessary. Michelin is also providing a tyre management service in conjunction with ATS Euromaster, whereby the tyres on each vehicle are inspected every four weeks and a report sent by email to PFS.  Reports are also delivered to PFS whenever a tyre is changed, allowing for detailed record keeping and trend monitoring.
“When our existing contract came up for renewal we invited a number of suppliers to tender,” explains Roger Atterbury, Contract Operations Manager at PFS. “Michelin demonstrated the necessary skills and experience to service the contract, and we were impressed with the level of support they were able to offer us through the ATS Euromaster network, together with the overall value for money of the PPK deal.”

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The fleet is comprised primarily of 3.5 tonne chassis cab vehicles manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Ford.  Each vehicle is fitted with a temperature controlled box body designed specifically for this operation and manufactured by a number of key suppliers including Lecapitaine and Solomons. was launched in 1999 and allows customers to have their shopping delivered directly to their doorstep at a convenient time.  With an annual turnover in excess of £800 million, the home delivery service is available to 97 per cent of households in the UK , according to the company.


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