Maxam Tire Debuts VF Technology at National Farm Machinery Show

Maxam Debuts VF Technology at National Farm Machinery Show

Maxam Tire announced the market release of Very High Flexion (VF) tires to the global agricultural market. Maxam says it has engineered the VF agricultural series to provide the industry with high-speed/load solutions designed to minimize soil compaction while delivering improved traction and product performance. They will be showcasing the growth of their agricultural product offering at the National Farm Machinery Show, Louisville, KY, Feb. 16-19.

Maxam says their AgriXtra N (Narrow) family of products is designed to deliver high clearance tractors and self-propelled high clearance sprayers with a solution that can improve productivity and/or reduce soil compaction. Featuring their signature premium 45° lug profile that provides traction and stability, the AgriXtra N will be the first of many VF tires introduced to the global agricultural market this year.

According to Maxam, the line of VF technology products can support high levels of tire deflection up to the tire’s rated speed capability. The VF Series will allow customers to carry 40% more tire load at standard air pressures or operate at 40% less air pressure for the given tire load. Maxam says that depending on the customer’s need, the VF performance advantage can deliver either reduced soil compaction or the ability to carry heavier loads without compromising traction, while delivering the improved productivity farmers and growers are seeking.

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