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Maxam Releases New MS453 Large Haulage Tire

The company says the MS453 is engineered to provide a "rugged and long-lasting solution" for mining haul trucks.

Maxam has released the new MS453 53/80R63 open-pit mining tire to its range of large mining tires.

Manufactured in Maxam’s radial tire facility, the company says it has engineered the MS453 to provide the industry with a “rugged and long-lasting solution” for mining haul trucks.

Maxam says the MS453 features a tread design that allows maximum tire life for demanding mining applications, and has a reinforced sidewall with enhanced tread belts and bead construction. Similar to the products within the large mining series, Maxam says the MS453 features a deep tread depth and contains a heat-resistant undertread for reduced heat buildup.

In addition, Maxam has implemented a new naming structure on some products within the Large Mining Series to help broaden its future range of specialty tire programs. The company says the realignment of the model numbers will allow for easy ordering and program development as Maxam continues to expand the haulage program.

The new product model names correlate to specific haulage tire sizes to differentiate tread design patterns within the series. The previous MS403 in size 37.00R57 and 46/90R57 have been realigned as the MS440. All other sizes within the MS403 pattern remain the same.

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