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Marangoni Launches New “e-logic” Tyre Range

Marangoni has announced the launch of its new range of premium summer-weather tyres, the e-logic.


The brand evidently takes its inspiration from the three key demands that the Italian manufacturer wishes to satisfy: that it is economical, ecological and saves as much energy as possible. According to Marangoni, traditional tyre requirements of performance, grip, comfort and safety are increasingly met with growing demands for economical, ecological and energy saving solutions, hence the new release’s explicit focus on the newer requirements.

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Marangoni says that its new silica compounds achieves “substantially stronger tyre economy” with lower rolling resistance. In comparison with the company’s own Trio tyre, the e-logic can lower fuel consumption “by 2%, and offer mileage gains of approximately 15%.” The e-logic, says the manufacturer, is the most economical Marangoni tyre to date.

In terms of ecology, Marangoni uses its HA oil-free compound, while the “multi-level optimised tread design” results in a 2db noise reduction on the Trio. Additionally, the new cavity design will improve the dynamic efficiency of the vehicle and deliver a reduction of rolling resistance by 15%, alongside a reduction in CO2 emissions.


The tyre also offers traditional strengths: according to Marangoni, “the e-logic performs strongly from a safety standpoint, with an improvement of traction on wet roads of 10%, and a reduction in braking distance in the wet of 10%,” again compared with the Trio. The company also believes that the tyre will respond well to changing conditions throughout the year.

As with every Marangoni tyre, e-logic is covered by Marangoni’s unique Lifetime Warranty, covering the customer from accidental damage incurred under normal driving conditions, including damage or irreparable punctures caused by potholes, curbs, road debris, nails or broken glass.


Derek Carruthers, Marangoni Car Tyre’s sales and marketing director states, “We understand our customers’ needs, and ensure that our products meet such demands – the e-logic offers the complete environmental solution for today’s driver. The product attributes are matched with our continuous dedication to product quality, as well as our unique Lifetime Warranty, providing an ever increasing sales argument, and gives our Team Marangoni dealers the opportunity to be able to offer a product that fits many customer’s needs.”

The new tire will be available in the following sizes: 165/60 R14 T, 175/60 R14 T, 175/60 R14 H, 155/65 R13 T, 165/65 R13 T, 175/65 R13 T, 155/65 R14 T, 165/65 R14 T, 175/65 R14 T, 175/65 R14 T XL, 175/65 R14 H, 175/65 R15 T, 145/70 R13 T, 155/70 R13 T, 165/70 R13 T, 165/70 R13 T XL, 175/70 R13 T, 185/70 R13 T, 165/70 R14 T, 175/70 R14 T, 185/70 R14 T, and 185/70 R14 H. (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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