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Make the Best Use of Tire Storage Racks


Youmay not know this, but our industry is moving close to reaching the100,000-range of parts and tires being stocked on a regular basis, afact of life that will increase annually. The issue facing every tiredealer is how to store these products for quick access and safety fromdamage.

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If you’re a tire dealer with the need to store 2,500tires or more without compromising employee safety or the integrity ofthe tires, take a look at the number of tire rack suppliers out there.A system this large can be installed in four weeks after your order isplaced.

First, the contractor will recommend that the floor beshimmed to level. They will also likely use oversized footplates toanchor the system and assure stability. Angled beams hold tires inplace without the need for locking devices so tires can be easilyremoved. The system’s new shelving can be designed around existingstructures and catwalks, rising above the floor as many as two to sixtiers high allowing for add-on units to be installed easily andinexpensively.

In fact, one company goes so far as to say itstire racks can be integrated into multilevel catwalk systems to fullymaximum storage space. Wall mounts and portable storage units are alsoavailable from this supplier. This is good to know in case you needmore storage space in an awkward part of your warehouse.


Onemanufacturer says its steel units are as economically priced as woodunits and are attractive enough for the showroom, yet durable enoughfor bulk tire storage applications. The company says these heavy-duty,all-steel construction racks and solid welded uprights assure theseunits are built to last.

With a new storage rack system, you’llfind you can scan tire and part numbers with less hassle. If youinstall a new system you’ll be surprised at the ease of locatinginventory and getting it out to the service bays much faster.

Otherbenefits are the virtual elimination of poor inventory accuracy, poororder picking productivity, shipping errors and the burdens of needlesslabor costs.

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