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Make Sure Your Employees Have Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence

Practicing PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence) in all that your organization does will have a substantial positive impact on your company’s performance.


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My PinnaclePerformance sales, customer service and winning team culture training is drivenby research of world-class organizations; market leaders, customer servicechamps and many companies that are also considered to be the best places towork in the world.

What did thesebusinesses do to achieve their market superiority? What are the best practicesand principles that guide and motivate their culture, engage and influencetheir customers, and deliver high-performance results? And, most importantly,how do you apply these winning elements to your organization?

As I pinballaround North America training organizations on Pinnacle Performance, we learn(and work to adopt and institutionalize) the answers to those questions.Answers that would take far more time than we have here and now.


However, thereis something you can (and very much should) do now that will have a substantialpositive impact on your organization’s performance. That something ispracticing PRIDE (PersonalResponsibility in Delivering Excellence) in all that your organization does.

I want to beclear here…most executives already believe they have PRIDE. If you’re an owneror senior manager then it’s safe to say that you’re likely committed todelivering excellence in your organization. That’s not the problem.

The problem isthat results for an organization are rarely the result of the senior executive’sefforts alone. By and large results originate from the employees that meet,greet and interact with customers (and potential customers) at thepoint-of-sale.  It is here that PRIDE is most vulnerable and oftenfalters.


Let me give youan example…one of the companies I cover in training is a leading gourmetretailer. I’m intentionally leaving out their name here but they are a veryrecognizable brand and most likely have a store location a short distance fromwhere you are now.  Their sales/customer service model for employees is afairly straightforward 3 principles: Connect,Discover, Respond. This is how employees are trained and what they should be doing on a customer-by-customerbasis to deliver the best results for the customer and, ultimately, thebusiness.

The reality isthat this model, and every other training model, only works when the employeesthat need to carry it out have truePRIDE. When I teach about the gourmet retailer, countless trainees think or say“I’ve been there… that didn’t happen tome”. That is true and the answer as to why often goes back to theemployees lack of PRIDE.


Theorganization may be preaching and teaching world-class practices and principlesbut if the employees are simply goingthrough the motions and don’t buy-in and commit to practicing PRIDEthen results will suffer.

PRIDE is theexecutable of Pinnacle Performance. To maximize results, all employees mustpractice PRIDE every day in all customer interactions. 

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