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Lionax Reaches DPS Development ‘Milestone’

Lionax, the first Chinese company listed on the Euronext pan-European stock exchange, announced on Jan. 7 that it has reached a “key milestone” in its quest to develop the industry’s leading next generation Digital Pressure Sensor (DPS), a critical component in TPMS systems in terms of both function and cost.


Presently, comments Lionax, TPMS manufacturers purchase DPS units from third party suppliers such as Motorola, Siemens and GE, adding what the Chinese company calls a “significant cost” to TPMS products. Leveraging on proprietary innovative "Ring Oscillation" technology, Lionax’s Silicon Valley office is working with scientists and researchers from Scotland’s SemeFab and Tsinghua University in China to jointly pursue a superior and more cost effective solution. Based on recently available preliminary results, Lionax claims it will have access to the next generation DPS technology at half to one-third of the current market price.

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James Yang, CEO of Lionax, comments: "We are very glad to get the latest results from the lab. Lionax’s proprietary DPS will be much cheaper and with higher performance than what is available in [the] market for [the] TPMS industry. This will ensure our competitiveness for [the] long term, as well as open doors for DPS related opportunities in other industries."

The company additional reports that its R&D department has recently qualified for a Chinese government grant for innovative companies; however the size and details of this grant have not as yet been disclosed. (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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