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Letters Form the Field

The following is another reader's response:

I, too, was actually stunned by the poor handling of this problem (First Off, June 2008). When the ABC story aired I thought, “Where in the hell did they find this guy to protect our image.” He kept blaming England and Europe. I was actually embarrassed to be a tire dealer after that report.  

Fortunately it aired at a time most of my customers are out for the summer months. The RMA needs to step up or shut up. I agree with your statement, we need one loud voice. Thanks and sorry for taking so long to reply. You and your staff have some of the best articles I’ve ever read.  

We need a united voice, just not the one the RMA sent up against ABC. As info, our local KUTV station did a tire story on expiration date on tires. The reporter showed the DOT code and explained what it meant. His name is Bill Gephart and his report is on KUTV.com. He was actually quite fair.

I also noticed something that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. Are we so desperate to make a sale that we will put the wrong speed rated tires on a customer’s car? All I ask is would the owner a tire store put four tires with the steel belts showing on his wife’s car and send her and kids on a cross country trip? Hell no! Would the manager do the same? I don’t think so.

This is the same image we have faced for years, and we haven’t gotten any smarter. I am livid when I see some tire store put the wrong tires on the car. If you do that and can sleep at night, you will make some attorney rich. May the Force be with you.  

Speed ratings have everything to do with the performance of the car. Don’t you think the manufacturer tested the car with those tires? Stop thinking that speed ratings mean nothing. They mean everything. If you just do the right thing we wouldn’t be having this problems.  

Keep on bringing these articles to the forefront, eventually we may win one. Thanks.

Mike Watchek
Big O Tires
South Ogden, UT

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