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Let the Exodus Begin


Winners never quit, and quitters never win?

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The later seems to be the case with BMW, which has now quit F1 racing effective the end of this season.

Despite the total lack of on-track success, BMW’s withdrawl – at least according to the automaker – is because of costs.

BMW’sdecision, according to observers, “effectively vindicates Max Mosley’songoing push to cut F1 costs – and his lack of faith in themanufacturers’ commitment to F1.”  Apparently Prince Max has long feltthat others would follow after Honda left the series at the end of the2008 season, but he was pointing at weak performers Toyota and Renault.

Ina statement, FIA said it “regrets the announcement of BMW´s intendedwithdrawal from Formula One but is not surprised by it. It has beenclear for some time that motorsport cannot ignore the world economiccrisis.

“Had these (cost reduction) regulations not been sostrongly opposed by a number of team principals, the withdrawal of BMWand further such announcements in the future might have been avoided,”the FIA continued.

Heading into the 2010 season, it is notlikely another automaker would step into the F1 fray. Of course, F1 isnot the only major race series on the ropes. It will be an interestingwinter.


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– Jim Smith

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