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K&M Tire Dealer Benefits: Falken Tire’s Boost Program

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K&M Tire’s Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire Dealer Programs are full of tools for independent tire dealers to maximize their profitability while keeping true to their shop’s identity. Just ask Travis Saari, a K&M Tire dealer with Duluth Tire in Duluth, Minnesota. Travis has taken advantage of K&M’s rewards program with Falken Tire, called the Falken Boost Program, has has reaped the benefits.

“It’s nice to have a partner in business with us to ensure that we can provide our retail customers with quality products at competitive prices and STILL be able to pad our bottom line with lucrative backend monies that the Mr. Tire program provides our business with,” Travis says. “The Falken Boost program is an easy to understand program and a great addition to the already strong Mr. Tire program.”

Rebates, rewards, incentives– you name it and the Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire dealer programs have a perk that fits how your shop wants to grow. The Falken Boost Program is one of those that is guaranteed to boost your bottom line.

Exclusively for Mr. Tire and Big 3 Tire Program Dealers, the Falken Boost program promises quarterly cash rewards, a point-of-purchase kit and exclusive consumer incentives. Interested? Let’s dig in deeper. 

Quarterly Cash Rewards

Your profitability is of the utmost importance to K&M Tire and Falken Tire. As part of the Falken Boost program, your shop will get a cash payout based on the number of units you sell each quarter. Here’s how it works.

In order to be eligible for the Falken Boost program, you must sell at least 30 units to reap the rewards. Then, rewards are divided into levels depending on the number of units you sell. 

For example, dealers that sell 30-124 units get a payout of $1 per tire as part of the first level of the program. The dollar amount increases each level as you can see below. 

Imagine getting upwards of $30 in credits through K&M Tire just for selling the tried and true Falken brand. There is no opening order requirement to be a part of the Falken Boost Program. Just ask your K&M Tire sales rep for more information. 

Point-of-Purchase Kit & Consumer Rewards

In order to cash in on the benefits of the Falken Boost program, you’ll want the Falken brand to be top-of-mind for your sales staff. Falken and K&M Tire make it easy by providing point-of-purchase materials so that the Falken brand has signage in your showroom. This helps not only customers gravitate toward the brand, but also helps your service advisors at the counter. When branding is in front of you, it’s easier to steer the sale to a specific brand.

In addition, the Falken Boost program comes with consumer rewards–that way your shop and your customers win. For example, your customers could get a $70 prepaid Mastercard gift card with the purchase of specific Falken tires throughout the year. 

As an independent tire dealer, you want partnerships that will benefit you and help pad your bottom line. The Falken Tire Boost program can earn you anywhere from an additional $30 to more than $1,200 just for selling the Falken brand. Visit for more program information.

Note: Dealers currently enrolled in the Falken Fanatic Program through a distributor other than K&M Tire are not eligible for this program.

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