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Ken-Tool Unveils Three New Tools


Ken-ToolKen-Tool has released three new tools to make adjusting drum air brake linkage to remove dangerous slack on trucks and trailers an easier task, the company said. The tools – the Meritor Automatic Slack Adjuster Set, Haldex Slack Adjuster Tool and Bendix Slack Adjuster Tool – fit each brake manufacturer’s respective air braking systems.

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The two-piece Meritor Automatic Slack Adjuster Set features a 5/16” double square ratchet and a tool to secure the brake shaft from turning during tightening/loosening of the adjustment nut, Ken-Tool said. Each tool weighs 10.4 ounces and is 12 inches long.

The Haldex Slack Adjuster Tool uses a 7/16” double offset square ratchet. The tool weighs 10.4 ounces and is 14.5 inches long, Ken-Tool said.

The Bendix Slack Adjuster Tool uses a 9/16” double offset square ratchet, Ken-Tool said. The tool weighs 1.0 pounds. and is 14.5 inches long.

According to Ken-Tool, the Haldex and Bendix tools each have extra-long handles for improved leverage, with comfortable, slip resistant vinyl handgrips. To reverse direction on the Bendix and Haldex tools, the technician turns the tool over.


All three tools carry a limited lifetime warranty.

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