Keeping Your Shop Cool As the Weather Warms Up

Keeping Your Shop Cool As the Weather Warms Up

In recent years, it seems like the heat has ramped up across the country – especially as the summer months approach and spring comes to an end. Long gone are the days when working outside or in an open service bay may have been pleasant, as now workers are suffering from increasingly severe heat events. In this video from the Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio, we will discuss some tips to keep your shop cool as summer heat approaches.

It is so important to keep your workers comfortable no matter the environment outside. Not only is it law to ensure your employees are not over-heated in some states, but OSHA holds employers responsible for protecting workers from extreme heat under its General Duty Clause.

While it certainly may not be the most cost-effective to obtain and install an air conditioning unit within the garage, here are some other more affordable steps employers could take to ensure employee safety.

First, give workers time to acclimatize to the heat. Do this by reducing workloads and allowing frequent breaks for new workers or at the beginning of the hot weather season.

Second, encourage proper hydration and make it easier for technicians to access cool drinking fluids by setting up a water cooler or providing chilled drinks.

Next, change schedules to incorporate more frequent breaks or allow employees to work earlier or later in the day when it is not as hot.

Finally, you can also get an evaporative air cooler. These coolers can reduce the temperature by up to 26 degrees indoors or even in a covered outdoor work area. They cost about $1 a day to operate and use natural evaporation to cool the area.

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