Tire Dealers, Industry Execs Share Their Top Motivators for Success

Tire Industry Pros Share Their Top Motivators for Success

Any industry, sport or line of work has “the greats” — those people that others in the industry know for the work they do, the business they’re building and the legacy that they’re creating. They’re known for their steadfast leadership, problem-solving abilities, and most importantly, their unwavering passion for the industry and serving their communities. In season 1 of Johnny g & Friends, presented by Firestone, Johnny g talked to many of those tire industry greats– of which there are many– and asked them one question: “What motivates you to strive for greatness?”

While many shied away from the greatness moniker, their responses to the question showed their willingness to constantly approve, their business savvy, and the importance each person places in giving back to others. In this episode, you’ll hear responses from:

  • Mario Andretti, racing legend and Indy 500, Daytona 500 and Formula 1 World Champion.
  • Larry Morgan, former tire dealer who grew Tires Plus into 600 locations, left the industry, and founded Morgan Family Ventures and Morgan Auto Group, the largest car dealer in the state of Florida.
  • Paul Swentzel, co-founder of S&S Tire.
  • John Zentz, senior vice president of global sales at Hunter Engineering.
  • John Boyle, former owner of Englewood Tire and current president of ETD Discount Tire Centers.
  • John Ziegler, Jr., vice president of Ziegler Tire.
  • Craig Tate, former owner of Tate Boys Tire & Service and consultant for Sun Auto Tire & Service.

Watch the full episode above or on YouTube. You can watch or listen to past episodes of the podcast by clicking here.

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