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John Bean Releases Two New Tire Changers

John Bean has released the T7800 and T7700 tire changers, which the company says are ideal for high-volume shops.


John Bean has released T7800 and T7700 tire changers, which the company says is ideal for high-volume shops.

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The John Bean T7700 is a leverless tire changer with a bead breaker system, control panel and the powerMONT tool that provides flexibility in wheel clamping and reduces the possibility of wheel damage, John Bean says. The T7700 also features an integrated wheel lift to help reduce technician fatigue, and PROspeed that continuously controls torque and speed.

With all of the features of the T7700, the John Bean T7800 also has a unique collection of tools, including a lower bead camera viewer, on-floor bead breaker and QuickLok technology. It also carries a set of standard accessories, including a reverse mount wheel kit and light truck kit, allowing shops to service a wider range of wheels.

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