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Indian Tyre Production Up 9%

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) January 2006 saw total tyre production in India rise 9% to 5,623,048 tyres compared with January 2005.

The figures calculated by the Indian Tyre Manufacturer’s association (ATMA) show that motorcycle tyre sales were up 15% totalling 1,801,839 units. This particularly rapid growth is largely explained by the reclassification of moped tyres under the motorcycle heading, but also signifies production growth in the segment.

Passenger car tyre production increased to 1,230,869 units up 16% from the same time last year. Truck and bus and light truck production increased to 946,730 (up 8%) and 352,967 (up 14%) respectively. Perhaps unsurprisingly in light of the current global shortage, OTR tyre production increased 37% to 10,811 units in January.

But this was by no means the sharpest increase. The tractor segment experienced the strongest growth rates with the number of front tyres growing 24% to 121,150 units. Rear product production grew to 96,040 (up 12%), while tractor-trailer tyres rocketed 62% to 65,925 units in January.

The ADV (Animal Drawn Vehicle) tyre segment grew similarly quickly peaking at 37292 (up 37%) in January. Industrial tyre production grew 40% to 47,187 units.

This growth in production is reflected in ATMA’s export statistics. While total exports for the month of January only went up 2% to 452,302 units, OTR tyre exports were up 29% totalling 2678 units. Meanwhile, following sharp increases in tractor tyre production, tractor front exports totalled 1496 (up 29%) and tractor rear exports 13,507 (up 201%).

The ATMA figures do not contain details of radialisation rates in the various segments.

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