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If You Have To Choose, You’re Not On Retreads


When it comes to saving money and helping the environment it is a good idea to remember that the new black is green. By using retreads you can do the planet a favor while actually improving your company’s bottom line. A win-win.

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The retreads being produced today by top quality retreaders can actually outperform many new tires and they cost less, use less oil and energy to produce and reduce the number of tires sent to landfills.

Whether you are a fleet of one or ten thousand, and whether you are in the private or public sector, if you aren’t already using retreads you are not doing your part to help the environment and you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Today’s retreads don’t mean compromise; they mean money in the bank. It’s not often that you can do well while doing good, but that’s exactly what today’s top quality retreads allow you to do. And you don’t have to sacrifice safety, performance or handling. Now is a great time to make the change to retreads, and we can help you set up a retread program for your fleet.


Still not convinced? Let us arrange a tour of a modern retread plant in your area. You will be amazed at how much care goes into the retreading of a tire – which is why today’s top quality retreads often have a failure rate lower than comparable new tires.

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