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Hunter Engineering Releases WinAlign 16.2

Quick Check Drive now measures rim diameter and alignment angles, and comes with additional features as well.


Hunter Engineering has released WinAlign 16.2, which brings new features and compatibility to customers with Hunter alignment and inspection equipment.


The company says that shops with WinAlign 16.2 and Hunter’s unmanned inspection system, Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread Edge, can now generate automatic tire recommendations for motorists when integrated with Dealer Tire.

A vehicle passes through Hunter’s unmanned inspection system in about five seconds. The system will then provide the tire inspection results and a tire recommendation from Dealer Tire (if tires are needed). Quick Check Drive will now measure rim diameter and alignment angles.

Additionally, WinAlign 16.2 brings a new multi-tiered VIN recall feature, that walks the technician through spec choices conveniently.

Heavy-duty customers will also benefit from the latest WinAlign software through a new alignment printout, the company says. A new HD graphical printout graphically shows misalignment and helps sell alignment. The printout includes the major tire wear angles of front axle total toe and camber measurements, along with rear axle thrust and scrub.

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