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Hofmann Unveils New Tire Changers

Hofmann has released a new line of smartSpeed tire changers are easy to operate and will enhance performance according to the company.

Hofmann monty 8100s tire changer

The Hofmann monty 8100s tire changer.

Hofmann has released a new line of smartSpeed tire changers that are easy to operate and will enhance performance, according to the company.

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“Exclusive to Hofmann, the patented smartSpeed technology included on our tire changers optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly,” said Kyle Harris, product manager for Hofmann. “Not only does smartSpeed help minimize damage to tires, but with its variable speed offerings from seven to 18 RPMs, these tire changers offer the highest appropriate speed for maximum productivity. Investing in a Hofmann smartSpeed tire changer is a good way to help increase a shops’ bottom line.”

The new line of Hofmann smartSpeed tire changers include:

Hofmann monty 8100s – This center post tire changer is designed for easy use with minimal training required for operation. The traditional center post design, coupled with Hofmann’s added feature set, makes this tire changer highly productive while reducing the risk of wheel damage according to the company.


Hofmann monty 3550 – Featuring the industry’s most advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies, the monty 3550 is specifically designed to change low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires, maximizing a shop’s versatility according to the company.

Hofmann monty 1625 – Designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and car dealerships, the monty 1625 is ideal for servicing standard and performance wheels on cars and light trucks according to the company.

Customers can learn more about the new Hofmann smartSpeed Tire Changers and other Hofmann wheel service products by calling 800-251-4500 or visiting their website here.

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