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Hofmann Releases New Geodyna 9000P Wheel Balancer

Hofmann has released the new geodyna 9000P Wheel Balancer for all types of cars and light trucks.


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Hofmann has released the new geodyna 9000P Wheel Balancer.

The wheel balancer can be used on all types of cars and light trucks and features Automatic Acquisition to provide automatic and non-contact detection of wheel dimensions, balancing mode, number and position of spokes, amount and position of weights, lateral and radial run-out of tire and rim, match mounting and geometric issues.

It also features 3-D imaging and uses five high-resolution laser cameras to scan the complete rim and tire profile to provide visual evidence of results, which increases customer awareness and satisfaction.

In addition, the balancer also uses Run-Out Force Vectoring (RFV) to determine the virtual loaded run-out contact patch of the wheel assembly, calculate the spring rate by measuring tread width, sidewall height, surface singularities and estimating tire pressure.

“The innovative non-contact 3- D imaging technology on the new Hofmann 9000P scans the rim and tire profile to measure radial tire run-out, bead seat run-out on the bare rim and radial and lateral rim run-out on both sides,” said Adam Brown, product manager for Hofmann. “In addition, the wheel is also scanned to within 0.1 millimeter accuracy to examine all externally visible scratches, cuts, bulges, blisters, flat spots and uneven wear-out that could potentially lead to safety issues. Simple to use, all a service technician needs to do is clamp the wheel, close the guard and let the geodyna 9000P do the rest.”


Customers can learn more about the new Hofmann geodyna 9000P Wheel Balancer by visiting


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