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Hi-Q Tyre Fitting Fleet Uses PCL Digital Inflation

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Tyre inflation specialist PCL has teamed up with Hi-Q to provide a fast and accurate unit for its mobile tyre fitting vans.

PCL’s fixed digital tyre inflator unit has, so far, been installed in 50 of Hi-Q’s nationwide fleet of over 300 – and has already earned an enviable track record amongst its operators.

Launched in 2002, PCL’s fixed digital unit is designed for depots, tyre shops, fleets, car dealers, and racing outfits that need fast and accurate inflation pressure measurements.

According to the company, the unit inflates tyres safely and precisely to within half a pound accuracy and can also be used in test mode to check existing pressure. Simple to use, the unit is linked to a compressor driven by the van motor and all the engineer has to do is switch on the compressor/inflator, enter the required information and clip the connector onto the tyre. The unit will automatically inflate the tyre to the level required then alert the engineer when it has finished.

“The process is so reliable and accurate that it enables the operator to get on with alternative work whilst the tyre is inflating and, unlike the less secure, manual, handheld units, it isn’t open to abuse,” PCL representatives told Tyres & Accessories.

Where a complete tyre change is being undertaken, the digital unit also has an Over Pressure Setting (OPS) to speed up the seating of the bead. The over pressure function can be set to a level to permit the seating of the bead and then automatically deflate to the final tyre pressure required.  

Brian Beech, PCL’s digital technical sales manager, provided training for Hi-Q’s operators and has been delighted by the feedback: “The fixed digital unit has proved itself to be extremely reliable and accurate. The Hi-Q engineers are very pleased with its performance – not least because they simply put the connector on and it does all the work for them. They have described it as a key tool that removes all of the inconvenience of tyre inflation.”

Since its launch, thousands of the digital units have been supplied worldwide to leading names for all areas of tyre inflation, such as major car manufacturers and petrol companies, gaining the unit a well earned reputation as a premium yet cost-effective product.

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