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Hercules Tires Adds to Terra Trac Series

Hercules Tires has added the Terra Trac HPT tire and enhanced its Terra Trac AT II tire with a three-peak mountain snowflake rating.


Hercules Tires has enhanced its Terra Trac series, adding the revamped Terra Trac ATII, now with a three-peak mountain snowflake rating, and the new Terra Trac HPT.

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The Terra Trac HPT is a highway all-season SUV/CUV tire. Hercules Tires says the HPT brings all-season drivability for daily commutes through an optimized tread design and durable construction in 25 SKUs between 15- and 20-in. Replacing its predecessor, the Terra Trac HTS, Hercules says the Terra Trac HPT features include:

  • An optimized tread design to reduce noise levels, rolling resistance and promote ride comfort;
  • Wide circumferential grooves to maximize water evacuation and support hydroplaning resistance;
  • Opposing groove angles to effectively reduce stone retention and support extended tread life;
  • 50,000-mile treadwear coverage, road hazard protection and a 45-day “Trust Our Ride” free trial period.

The Terra Trac AT II now holds the three-peak mountain snowflake designation and features a new tread compound that allows the tire to be severe-snow rated while maintaining its off-road capabilities. The company says this all-terrain, all-season tire also features:

  • Stone ejector ribs positioned at the base of the circumferential grooves to resist stone drilling and prolong the life of the tire;
  • An aggressive upper shoulder with alternating scallops that amplify off-road traction and rugged looks;
  • Unique tusk grooves that create a larger void for better all-terrain traction;
  • 60,000-mile treadwear coverage, road hazard protection and a 45-day “Trust Our Ride” free trial period

The ATII with 3PMS is available in 59 SKUs ranging from 15- and 20-in. diameters.

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