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Hankook’s Dynapro XT: Snow Stands No Chance

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When it comes to off-road driving, traction in any condition is a must—no matter if you’re driving on dusty, dirty roads, clawing over rocks or wading through mud. Drivers want zero chance of slipping, sliding or slowly losing traction on any road they face. Since tires are the four pieces of rubber that connect you to the road, this means traction at every turn is a must. As the winter months approach and snowfall is set to blanket streets across the northern U.S., the need for traction in the elements is critical.

Off-road traction combined with snow performance is a one-two punch when it comes to finding a tire built to perform in all terrains—plus it looks aggressive, too. For traction and snow performance, whatever elements your customer might face, Hankook Tire’s Dynapro XT, the company’s first rugged-terrain tire, has you covered.

“Our Dynapro XT sits between our all-terrain and mud-terrain segment, and compared to other brands out there, it has the three-peak mountain snowflake certification, which makes it unique and stands out among competitors,” said Crystal An, vice president and head of consumer marketing for Hankook Global.

The Dynapro XT features design characteristics that allow light trucks from SUVs to pickups and everything in between to tackle whatever terrain in any type of weather. First, let’s take a look at its tread pattern:

The tire’s symmetrical tread pattern with Polygonal Center Blocks and Shoulder Blocks give the tread blocks rigid edges. This allows the tire to grip the road’s surface and maintain traction and handling in snow, slush, sleet and wet conditions. Zig-Zag Grooves between the tread blocks aid in traction in snow and wet. These grooves help to evacuate water and keep stones and mud out of the tread’s surface. V-Shaped Lateral Sipes bite the surface for additional snow grip and snow-on-snow traction.

With its three-peak mountain snowflake symbol, the Dynapro XT has demonstrated traction and performance in severe snow conditions. In independent third-party tests, the tire’s handling and grip go unmatched compared to competitors. According to Hankook, test results showed that the tire outshined its competitors in off-road and traction capabilities. Test results lauded the Dyanpro XT’s ability to maintain excellent traction on a variety of surfaces and maneuver in and out of deep tire paths.

“The Dynapro XT can perform in both off-road and snowy conditions,” An said. “In particular, in our mud testing, the tire performed better than competitors in steering response, low and high wheel speed and controllability.”

For off-roaders that take to the trail in rain, shine or snow, nothing gets in the way of the Hankook Dynapro XT. Today, the tire is available in 30 sizes with more coming in 2022.

For more information, visit hankooktire.com.

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