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Hankook’s Dynapro MT2: Toughness Starts in the Tread

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Exploring back-country roads takes a vehicle and tires that can perform no matter the terrain or conditions on the trail. Sludging through mud, crawling over rocks, digging through dirt and slicing through thick sand are just a handful of obstacles confronted when drivers are off-road with their pickups or 4x4s. Traversing these types of terrains is no match for your everyday all-season tire. It’s tread wouldn’t stand a chance! That’s when dealers like you turn to the chunky treads—the big guns—for tough traction on wild terrain. That’s when you turn to the mud-terrain segment.

For those customers that revel at the idea of hitting the trails, a proper tread design can be the difference between conquering all obstacles or taking an alternate route to avoid them.

”Deep grooves and massive tread blocks and shoulder blocks provide remarkable off-road traction essential to drivers looking to conquer any road conditions they face,” said Crystal An, vice president and head of consumer marketing for Hankook Global. “The Dynapro M/T2 is Hankook’s most extreme off-road tire with the latest technology to match it’s aggressive design.”

The Dynapro M/T2 brings off-road traction to a new level with Hankook’s signature Terrain Strike-Tread Design. So, hop out of the driver’s seat and pop a squat to take a look at those rugged, chunky tires with us.

First, you’ll see the M/T2’s shoulder blocks emerge from the shoulder onto the tread face. By connecting the tread and the shoulder, the tire is able to better power through mud and various soil conditions and maintain its durability. According to Hankook, this was achieved through new tire mold technology that is able to remove separation between the tread and sidewall section to improve connection between tread blocks. Aesthetically, it helps bring the shoulder block design into the tread of the tire, creating a more rugged look.

“Our Dynapro MT2 won a Red Dot Design Award because its overall look and tread design is extremely robust and aggressive, and its looks translate to high off-road traction,” An said. “Mud-terrain tire consumers not only care about the tire’s performance, but they are also serious about designs. Since they don’t go off-road everyday, they want their vehicle and tires to look strong and aggressive even when the car is parked.”

Next, look in between the shoulder blocks to find mud and rock defenders. These strips of rubber act as stone ejectors to protect the tread grooves against stone drilling and puncturing. They also shed mud and stones from tread grooves for maximum grip. Speaking of the tread’s grooves on the Dynapro M/T2, the tread’s high groove channel provides self-cleaning properties for the tire and enhanced traction.

The Dynapro M/T2 is the dealer’s choice for off-road traction—that has an aggressive sidewall aesthetics to match its performance. The tire comes into 40 sizes.

For more information, visit hankooktire.com.

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