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Hankook Tire Creates Smart Tires’ Monitoring System

Hankook says the CMS+ uses a three-step AI algorithm which enables data analysis with precise prediction that is three to four times greater than the existing system.

Hankook Tire says it has developed a facility abnormality prediction system called Hankook Condition Monitoring System Plus (CMS+), based on artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.


Hankook says facility abnormality prediction systems typically use a vibration sensor attached to key components of the equipment. This requires experts to analyze the information collected by the sensor and determine if there are any symptoms. To improve accuracy in anomaly detection and reduce response time compared to the existing system, Hankook leveraged AI and IoT technology to develop a new facility abnormality prediction system called CMS+.

The CMS+ uses a three-step AI algorithm which proceeds through “Next-generation wireless-based IoT module,” “Gateway,” and “Server,” the company says. Hankook adds this enables data analysis with precise prediction that is three to four times greater than the existing system.

Hankook says during the first step that utilizes the IoT module, CMS+ collects and analyzes data every second. The company says at the Gateway and Server level, CMS+ conducts an in-depth analysis of the data collected based on deep learning technology. It analyzes different types of data together including sensor data, temperature and operational information to predict abnormal conditions of the facility in advance. It is also equipped with a real-time alarm system based on wireless communication technology. In the event of anomalies, the system immediately notifies the manager to take appropriate action much faster.

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