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Hankook Expands Kinergy Tire Sizes

Hankook Tire has expanded sizes across its Kinergy PT (H737) and Kinergy ST (H735) lines.

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The more than 50 new sizes will be produced at the Hankook Tire manufacturing facility located in Clarksville, Tenn.

Hankook Tire says it selected these two Kinergy products to provide consumers with various wheel diameters, tread section widths, speed ratings and aspect ratio preferences.

Equipped with up to a 90,000-mileage warranty and “860/A/A” UTQG rating, 30-day free trial and Road Hazard, the Kinergy PT premium touring all-season tire has been expanded to include 32 new sizes. With an enhanced tread pattern featuring wide circumferential cut grooves, Hankook says the Kinergy PT excels in water evacuation, providing better traction in wet conditions.


With an optimized pitch sequence that helps reduce road noise and increase comfort, the standard touring all-season Kinergy ST now includes 20 new sizes, covering most of the popular grand touring and cosmetic market with white sidewalls, Hankook says. Equipped with variable angles of sipes and tie-bar integration out of lateral grooves, the Kinergy ST delivers excellent handling and braking in a range of seasonal weather accompanied by an optimized warranty program of 70,000 miles and a 30-day free trial and Road Hazard.

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