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Hankook Dynapro HPX: Providing Safety in All Weather Conditions

The Dynapro HPX is engineered with advanced safety technologies to provide superior grip, traction and handling.

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For most drivers, safety is a top priority. Tires are the only parts of the vehicle that touch the road, so their performance is critical for keeping everyone safe in all driving conditions. That’s why Hankook introduced the Dynapro HPX touring all-season tire. These tires are engineered with advanced safety technologies to provide superior grip, traction and handling, giving drivers peace of mind.

The Dynapro HPX has an improved all-season grip compared to its predecessor, the Dynapro HP2. During Hankook’s internal testing, the snow braking performance was improved by 4% compared to the HP2, which gives drivers more confidence when stopping in slick, icy or snowy conditions.

However, snow traction is just one piece of the puzzle. The Dynapro HPX also delivers a 15% improvement in wet braking over the previous line. Wet roads can be among the most hazardous to drive on. Dynapro’s new all-season tread compound and optimized tread design with an increased contact area evenly distribute ground pressure to ensure even wear, ensuring shorter braking distances on wet surfaces. Handling on wet surfaces has also been enhanced, with a 7% bump in performance compared to the HP2. The Dynapro HPX features 3D GripKontrol sipes that provide the grip drivers need to keep the tires stable on slick surfaces during tight turns and maneuvers.

This tire’s safety technology goes beyond just the tread. While engineered for exceptional grip, the Dynapro HPX is also designed to work seamlessly with vehicle safety systems. Traction control helps prevent wheel spin and skidding during acceleration by limiting power delivered to slipping wheels, and the Dynapro HPX’s enhanced traction enables traction control systems to work more effectively.

Also, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) have become a standard safety feature by preventing wheel lockup during hard braking situations. The Dynapro HPX is tuned to work effectively with ABS, providing the grip needed for the ABS to apply the brakes quickly while maintaining steering control.

From its enhanced all-season traction capabilities to its integration with active safety technologies, the Dynapro HPX represents Hankook’s commitment to engineering tires focused on keeping drivers safe and secure despite weather conditions. With proven improvements in snow traction, wet braking and wet handling compared to its predecessor, drivers who equip the Dynapro HPX touring all-season tire can confidently drive in all conditions.

To find out more about the Hankook Dynapro HPX, check out hankooktire.com or follow this link.

Sponsored by Hankook Tire USA.

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