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Goodyear Distribution Changes Limited to ATD

Goodyear provides a statement to Tire Review on any additional changes planned for their national distribution.


In making sense of the TireHub deal, a joint venture to combine the wholesale distribution of both Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and Bridgestone Americas into a single entity, Tire Review asked Goodyear for clarification of the planned changes to come. Below is my question, and their response from our email exchange on April 24.

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TIRE REVIEW: “ATD is a national distributor impacted by the TireHub deal. What other — or how many – others are considered national distributors that TireHub will replace? Tire Rack? Dealer Tire? Others? Please let me know to make sure we can properly answer questions that come up from our readers.”

GOODYEAR: “Our aligned distribution strategy continues to include an aligned national distributor, complemented by our network of aligned regional distributors. Other than TireHub serving as that aligned national distributor, we do not anticipate making any other significant changes to our distribution network at this time.”

My thanks to Goodyear, Bridgestone and their teams for providing us with information for our readers.


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