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Goodyear Supports African Charity Success

An expedition of Land Rover enthusiasts, supported by Goodyear, has completed its mission to travel 6,500 miles for a range of charitable causes across Africa.


The team set out from Goodyear’s Birmingham head office, as reported on in early January, and finished in Timbuktu having donated their vehicles, along with educational and medical supplies, to good causes along the way. The charities included Sightsavers International in the Gambia and Mali, Operafrica in the Gambia and Village by village and Sabre Charitable trust in Ghana. In total eight vehicles were donated to help the charities conduct their work.
Goodyear supplied the vehicles with the brand’s market leading 4×4 tyres, the Wrangler MT/R. For such a dynamic range of terrain from roads and gravel to deserts and flood plains, the vehicles really needed high performing tyres for their journey. Having been used previously on the Land Rover G4 Challenge, the Wrangler’s ability to traverse the toughest of terrains with its reinforced side walls and aggressive shoulder blocks gave the required performance in the vast range of conditions the team encountered.

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Glen McKeith, expedition leader, said, “With increased mud dispersal and increased puncture resistance offered by the tyres, Goodyear was an obvious choice for the trip. We were thrilled to get the support of Goodyear and our other supporters for what turned out to be life-changing trip for many people.

“We faced an immense challenge as we pitched our skills together to complete the month long adventure. Battling against border crossings, dry sand deserts and deep rutted and potholed surfaced roads not a single puncture delayed our progress across the Western Sahara to achieve our end focus of delivering the Land Rovers in good working order. The charities were delighted to receive the Goodyear equipped vehicles to allow them to continue their work throughout the wet seasons and dry desert conditions.

“The team would like to thank Goodyear and all their sponsors for the support to allow them to fulfill their aim and complete the trip of a lifetime!” (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)


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