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Goodway Launches Tough Tread Brand

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Goodway Rubber Industries is setting its sights “moving forward into the earthmover industry,” targeting mining operations in particular.


Over the last decade, Goodway’s retreads under the Supercool brand name have experienced increasing demand.


Now the company is touting earthmover retreads as the next big thing. According to the company, the new Tough Tread OTR retread brand is “set to make waves in the earthmover industry.”

The potential for the OTR market has been identified in various continents worldwide. However, Goodway’s strategy is to focus on Indonesia initially where the market demand seems to escalate every year, while studying the market potential of earthmover retreads in other countries.

As part of its expansion plans, Goodway has created a strong joint venture partnership with PT OTR Tech in Indonesia. The key success factor for the team will be the capability to provide turnkey project services, encompassing the full spectrum of total tyre management.


Even for OTR tyres, retreading is a viable business idea as it offers cost savings for both the consumers and contributes to the preservation of the environment. Goodway’s manufacturing capacities integrate the latest tyre technology with yet more opportunities to broaden the company’s market reach. Various OTR tyre sizes can be retreaded, thereby offering possibilities for every earthmover market sector.

Research and development efforts for Tough Tread have been progressively charted since 2003, and with successful tests, Goodway said it is set to be the first rubber compound manufacturer to produce OTR retreads up to 4000R57 sizes in time to come.


Goodway aspires to achieve market leadership in Australia and Indonesia within the next couple of years, not only in OTR retreads but also as the preferred market player in OTR tyre management, which includes a state-of-the-art Total OTR Tyre Repair System, as well as value-added services in technical consultancy, officials said.

Goodways said that with its Tough Tread technology earthmover and mining companies can expect to enjoy better quality pre-cured retreads, lower purchase costs, deferred investment in purchasing new OTR tyres and benefit from enhanced tyre life through retreading – all these ultimately contributing to lower operating costs per hour for their tyres.


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