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GMA Host to Christen Wingfoot One


robinrobertsCo-anchor of ABC News’ Good Morning America Robin Roberts is set to christen the newest addition to the Goodyear blimp fleet. She will christen Wingfoot One on Aug. 23 in Suffield, Ohio, at the tiremaker’s Wingfoot Lake hangar.


“We are honored and delighted to have Robin continue our proud tradition of christening the Goodyear blimp,” said Richard J. Kramer, chairman and chief executive officer. “In addition to being a supremely talented broadcaster, Robin has a family legacy with Goodyear and Akron. The combination of her personal connection to our city and company, her distinguished professional achievements and charitable works makes Robin an ideal choice to christen our newest icon.”

Roberts great grandfather moved to Akron in 1918 to work for Goodyear. In addition, her grandfather also worked for the tiremaker. Her late mother also grew up in Akron just blocks from Goodyear’s headquarters.


Roberts joins a long list of women that have christened one of Goodyear’s 300 blimps. Notable on the list are Astronaut Sally Ride in 2000 and Amelia Earhart in 1929.

 Amelia Earhart christening a Goodyear Blimp in 1929.

Amelia Earhart christening a Goodyear Blimp in 1929.

Following the christening, Roberts will be among the first passengers to fly on Wingfoot One.

A limited number of free tickets to the christening event will be available for the general public. With details available on Twitter  and Facebook

in coming weeks.

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