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Giti Tire plant team Richburg SC


Gallery: GT Radial Maxtour LX Launch & Plant Visit


This week, Giti Tire USA hosted a launch event to debut its new touring tire under the GT Radial brand, the Maxtour LX.

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During a ride-and-drive event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Giti invited tire dealers, distributors and members of the media to test out its newest offering, which has 78% volume coverage of the top 20 all-season replacement sizes in the U.S. The same day, Giti took participants to its manufacturing facility in Richburg, South Carolina, to show them how the company manufactures its tires and the progress it has made in the factory since opening in late 2017.

To get a better feel for the Maxtour LX, event attendees tested its handling and wet braking performance on an autocross course against two of the tire’s competitors in the touring segment. Professional drivers also drove participants on the speedway’s infield course to feel the tire’s characteristics at peak performance.

Giti capped off the ride-and-drive by giving participants an adrenaline-filled NASCAR driving experience with a professional driver around the Charlotte Motor Speedway track, known as “The Greatest Place to See the Race.” The company also hosted an event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, where attendees competed in a mock pit crew competition and duked in out in a NASCAR race simulation expereince.


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