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First Reifen China Attracts Over 5,800 Visitors

The organisers of the first Reifen China exhibition have published visitor attendance and exhibitor numbers from the inaugural “Asian Essen Show.”


Held in parallel with Tyres & Rubber Tech China, a total of 5,812 visitors from 41 countries passed through the show in mid-November. Of these, 16% were described as overseas visitors. 88 exhibitors from 13 nations took stands in Shanghai, with the vast majority (68%) directly from the tyre, casing and tube business. 16% of exhibits represented press, publishing and associations; while 4% originated from the equipment and vulcanisation sectors.

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Now after a successful debut in 2007, Reifen China returns to Shanghai between Dec. 4 and 6, 2008. Once again the exhibition will be held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center and organized by a partnership between the globally renowned Messe Essen GmbH, Germany, and the China United Rubber (Group) Corporation (CURC).

Something that set Reifen China apart from other Chinese exhibitions was the particularly high concentration of well-known Chinese tyre manufacturers. This show was the first time that Tyres & Accessories has witnessed so many of the leading tyre manufacturers in China exhibiting in the same space. Some of the big names present included Giti Tire, Hangzhou Zhongce, Shandong Ling Long, Triangle, South China Tyre, Shanghai Tyre, Beijing Capital Tyre and Aeolus.

It appears that the key cooperation of the CURC, not to mention the weight this association carries with the Chinese authorities, really helped to make the first Reifen China a success. In fact several high-level representatives from Chinese tyre manufacturers also reported that they "felt obliged" to help make the first Reifen China a success. And this was despite the fact that Reifen Messe’s prices were comparatively high per square metre (Shanghai China International Tire Expo).

Representing Europe were the Chinese domestic wings of Italian manufacturers Pirelli and Marangoni. The increasingly global Hercules Tire Group International was also present. In addition, a number of companies from Russia and Eastern Europe were either exhibiting or perusing the show. The fact that a company like Tire Group International (TGI) traveled all the way from Miami to be at the show demonstrates both that TGI is a forward-thinking operation and that the businesses involved in exhibiting at this inaugural exhibition had some faith in the organization company. During the show T&A learned that TGI launched a new private brand called Jaguar consisting of passenger car and light truck tyres, in sizes from 13 to 20 inches, that was launched in November 2007. A totally overhaul electronic warehousing and stock-keeping system is currently in development and is expected to be operation by the middle of 2008, company executives told T&A.


The inaugural Reifen China, Messe Essen’s first tyre exhibition in Asia, was launched in an opening ceremony that included messages of support from supporters as diverse as the China Petrochemical association, the China Rubber Industry Association and the Lord Mayor of Essen. Some 300 exhibitors, including most of China’s leading tyre manufacturers, are presenting their products at the show. Furthermore, as well as strong domestic support from the largest domestic tyre manufacturers, 40% of exhibitors are from overseas, according to the show’s organizers.

Reifen China is the third trade fair Messe Essen has organized in China. Another of the company’s projects, an international welding exhibition also based in China, was so successful that it is now the third largest show of its kind in the world. Show organizers Messe Essen and “idea supporter” BRV, the German federal tyre and vulcanisation association, will no doubt be hoping this latest venture follows a similar path. And with all this in mind, the gold-standard Reifen China exhibition brand appears to have considerable mileage left in its international expansion strategy. (Tyres & Accessories/Staffordshire, U.K.)

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