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Commercial Tires

Expanded Capabilities, Smaller World


When we think about technology, we generally think about getting larger and expanding our capabilities and boundaries. Ironically, though, technology seems to have the opposite effect: It makes the world smaller.

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More than ever, companies – even entire industries – are tightly interwoven and dependent on one other. And it’s because of technology.

To succeed in this ever-contracting business environment, commercial tire dealers have to understand that their fleet customers aren’t truck people anymore. They are logistics providers, essential links in an integrated supply chain. And, fleets need to realize that commercial tire dealers aren’t tire guys anymore. They are asset managers, overseeing vital tire resources that contribute directly to the bottom line.

In the midst of all this change, though, one thing remains the same. Real product is still delivered over real roads, not over Internet cables, fiber optic channels or radio signals. No matter how advanced supply chain technology becomes, we’ll still need the basics. Trucks will always need tires, and commercial tire dealers will always need their fleet customers.

The most successful truck fleets today understand how technology positively impacts the bottom line. And, forward-thinking tire dealers look for new and unique ways for their fleet customers to leverage the newest technology available.

In this issue of Fleet & Tire, we’ll look at some of the newest technologies to hit the commercial tire market and how commercial tire dealers are leveraging these advancements to push their trucking customers along the path of greater profitability.


Specifically, we’ll look at how outsourcing, retreading technology, tire pressure management and lifecycle cost analysis can enhance fleet operations.

In short, it’s a cutting-edge look at how real-life fleet-dealer relationships can expand in an increasingly high-tech, shrinking world.

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