Breaking Down EV Brake Jobs

Breaking Down EV Brake Jobs

How do EV brake jobs compare to their internal combustion engine counterparts?

Remember those big “Ripley’s: Believe it or Not” books? As a kid, there was nothing better to read than those huge bibles of weirdness, oddities and craziness. Well, we have a submission for the “Believe it or Not” list – are you ready?

Believe it or not, many brake service procedures on electric and hybrid vehicles are the same as internal combustion vehicle brake procedures.

Okay… it may not be as unbelievable as that guy shoving 100 ping-pong balls in his mouth, but it’s still interesting. Across the country, EV customers come to shops with uneven brake pads, or a strange noise coming from the brakes.

In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, we break down EV brake jobs and tips for servicing EV brakes.

Hybrid and electric vehicles have regenerative braking that captures and stores electricity. The stored electricity, sometimes housed in the trunk, is applied when needed. The EV’s braking system can read how much pressure the driver needs and use it accordingly.

It’s also a good idea for shops to flush and bleed EV customers’ brake fluid every two years. Why so often? Not only is there an ABS hydraulic control unit, but there’s also a brake pedal simulator. If the brake fluid is old or diminished, it can damage one of these components or both.

Low noise output is a prime feature of electric vehicles, so when there is extra noise coming from the brakes, owners will hear it.

Prime suspects of brake noise are typically brake hardware and brake dust building up on the slides. While the details for a brake job are somewhat the same as an ICE vehicle, extra steps are typically required to retract the caliper’s pistons and parking brake. Some of these vehicles might require a scan tool for other procedures as well.

Another service tip: pay attention to the keys. Many EVs and hybrids use proximity keys that unlock doors. It’s important to read service information that might require you to turn off the vehicle by removing the keys from the bay before service.

Also, don’t forget to inspect under the car! The most neglected item when servicing an EV or hybrid is a basic under-car inspection. These vehicles have suspension, drivetrain and steering components that need to be looked at – don’t miss the chance to service these items.

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