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Dynapro AT2 Xtreme: When Snow Meets its Match

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Slashing through slush, clawing through snow and gripping icy roads are just a few of the tasks tires are faced with when it comes to winter weather. With the winter months here, many drivers in the U.S. will be confronted with these elements, and need tires that will stand up to the conditions, and most importantly, keep them safe.

With SUVs and pickup trucks accounting for more than 70% of light truck sales, you’re probably seeing more of these vehicles—and other models of light trucks—in your bays (think CUVs, too). As a tire dealer, you’re the link between a reliable set of tires and the customer’s safety. When extreme weather hits and a customer wants a reliable set of tires for whatever weather they face, you need a tire that you can recommend to conquer the snow; the customer needs a tire that sets their vehicle free to drive in any road conditions.

With Hankook Tire’s Dynapro AT2 Xtreme, providing customers with traction and excellent snow performance has never been easier.

“Reasons customers choose different light trucks vary, so this creates a market for all different types of tire products. All-terrain product lineups must provide customers with performance requirements that meet their expectations, and enhanced snow traction is one of them,” said Crystal An, vice president and head of consumer marketing for Hankook Global.

In fact, the tire was built for toughness in all terrains. Just take a look at its design features:

With large tread blocks with biting edges, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme provides traction when confronted with heavy snow and off-road conditions.

Its multi-directional zig-zag grooves and sipes provide snow-on-snow traction as well as water evacuation to allow drivers a smooth and reliable ride.

A specifically formulated tread compound allows the tire to maintain pliability when temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Next-generation compounding technology also gives the tire increased longevity and enhanced cut and chip resistance.

With its snow-conquering technology, the Dynapro AT2 Xtreme also earned a three-peak mountain snowflake rating for severe snow conditions. This means that the tire has passed additional snow testing to receive the three peak-mountain snowflake symbol on its sidewall. When explaining the features and benefits of the AT2 Xtreme to your customers, point this out. It will give them the peace of mind that they’re ready to confront the elements everyday.

The Dynapro AT2 Xtreme is your choice for toughness in all terrains. Available now, the tire comes in 32 sizes with additional sizes slated to be launched in 2022.

For more information, visit hankooktire.com.

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