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DOC: Tariffs to Remain on Certain Imported PLT Tires

The U.S. Department of Commerce has affirmed its preliminary findings that passenger and light truck tires imported from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam are being dumped in the U.S.


Passenger and light truck tires imported from South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam are being dumped in the U.S. at below-market prices, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced with its final determinations in the antidumping duty investigations of those countries.


The department’s preliminary investigation determined that exporters have dumped passenger tires in the United States at rates of 14.24% to 38.07% for South Korea, 52.42% to 98.44% for Taiwan, 13.25% to 22.21% for Thailand, and up to 22.30% for Vietnam. For more background on the preliminary investigation, click here.

In its final determinations, the Dept. of Commerce also upheld its preliminary findings that some tiremakers in Vietnam benefited from government subsidies in that country. Those tires will also be subject to countervailing duties to offset those subsidies.

Final anti-dumping rates by region, as published by the DOC on May 24, are as follows:

South Korea

  • Hankook Tire & Technology Co. Ltd – 27.05%
  • Nexen Tire Corporation – 14.72%
  • All Others – 21.74%


  • Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd – 20.04%
  • Nankang Rubber Tire Corp. Ltd. – 101.84%
  • All Others – 84.75%


  • LLIT (Thailand) Co., Ltd – 21.09%
  • Sumitomo Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd – 14.62%
  • All Others – 17.08%


  • Sailun Group (HongKong) Co., Limited/Sailun Tire Americas Inc./Sailun (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. – 0.00%
  • Kenda Rubber (Vietnam) Co. Ltd./Kenda Rubber (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. – 0.00%
  • Bridgestone Corporation/Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC – 0.00%
  • Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC/Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing Vietnam LLC – 0.00%
  • Kumho Tire (Vietnam) Co., Ltd/ Kumho Tire (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. – 0.00%
  • The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd./Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Co. – 0.00%
  • Vietnam-Wide Entity (All others) – 22.30%

Vietnam Final Subsidy Rates (due to countervailing duties)

  • Kumho Tire (Vietnam) Co., Ltd – 7.89%
  • Sailun (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. – 6.23%
  • All Others – 6.46%

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