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Do You Need a Non-Compete Contract?


Whether your employees work directly with customers or in the service bay, they may come into contact with sensitive, competitive information that they could potentially use to establish a competing business nearby.


Non-compete agreements may help your business safeguard trade secrets and other information, but only if they hold up in court.

Some things to consider when designing
non-compete agreements include:

• Length and scope: Employers must demonstrate that employees had access to confidential information that would be damaging if communicated to a competitor. If so, the agreement generally will be considered enforceable only if it’s “reasonable” in duration and geographic scope. Agreements that restrict former employees from working for a competitor for up to one year are usually considered reasonable.

• Fairness: Employers should also make sure the circumstances of the non-compete agreement are fair. Provide employees with a copy of the agreement to review before they start working, and give them a chance to consult legal counsel and ask questions. Although not a legal prerequisite for enforcement, these steps make an employer seem more sympathetic and reasonable and increase probability of success in litigation.


• Timing: Establish a non-compete agreement before an employee begins working. In some states, waiting just a few weeks could hinder the enforceability of the agreement. For a non-compete agreement to be executed after an employee starts, the employer must offer additional consideration – such as a raise or benefit increase – in exchange for the restrictions.

Protect Your Good Name

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