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Dear Future President…

…OK, we get it. While your fixation on proper tire inflation – and the use of tire gauges – as a means to improve gas mileage has been the most positive attention our industry has had in quite a while, please stop.

 Stop it now. Please.

We’re tired of this overly long campaign anyway, and now you’ve gone and double-parked the campaign buses right in the middle of our private party.

You see, unlike Paris Hilton, we really do think there is such a thing as too much, and too much attention worries us. Cause the next thing you know, Paris is actually going to try to use one of those tire gauge thingees and then where will we be?

Look, a workable and realistic energy policy is vital to this country’s future. No doubt. Cheney’s super secret one has obviously not worked, so we’re choking on it big time. And since our industry is co-dependent on oil and energy, well, we do have an interest.

But the tire industry has enough problems. We don’t need to be the center of attention in some BS spitting match over who has a serious energy plan. Does the phrase “cheesy gimmick” ring a bell with either of you? Well, that is what the whole tire gauge thing has turned into, according to national media.

So do us all a big favor and find some other mud to sling. The boys over in appliances are all hiding under the counter. I’m sure they’d like some of your campaign love.

[BTW: You’d of thought one of the tire companies would have tried to make hay with this focus on tire gauges and proper inflation. Nope. The first one in the pool was nitrogen system maker Air Products, which put out a news release in the subject of proper inflation today. Good heads up, guys.]

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– Jim Smith

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